Our Lightswitches

Light Switch Covers from Wild Works Ltd.

Switch plates with Hand-Engraved, Patinaed and Hammered designs.

All sizes & configurations available. Sealed for durability.

Karen Boulton and Jonathan Briggs hand craft metal light switch plate covers in their studio in Mount Vernon, Washington. We use copper, brass and aluminum, combined with hand-engraving, patina and hammer techniques to craft beautiful and durable light switch covers and outlet plates in every combination.

ALL sizes and combinations are possible. Contact us if the cover you need is not shown.

Decorative light switch plates and outlet covers will add a distinctive finishing touch to your home's interior.

From single switch covers to eight-gang covers, phone jacks, cable covers, we make all sizes and configurations. Custom sized covers are made at no extra cost.

We also make the old style push-button covers and modern data port plates. This is particularly useful if you wish to replace the covers in an entire room or house.

Work is sealed for durability, and the necessary screws are included.

We use several metalsmithing techniques to create these unique light switch covers and switch plates.


There are 20 patterns of engraved light switch covers, available in seven metal colors. These are made by first darkening the metal, then engraving the pattern through the surface.


Patina techniques produce light switch covers in earth tones. These patinas are mottled, with no engraving patterns, and will vary a little from one batch of switch plates to another.


Using tools with textured heads, the darkened copper and brass light switch covers are hammered, and the raised surface is sanded. This reveals beautiful highlights of pink copper or gold brass, leaving the recessed hammer blows dark.

We welcome orders from the United States and Canada.

Shapes and Sizes

Each of our metal light switch covers are available in various shapes and sizes. Custom shapes and sizes are available. Contact us for more details.